Royal Program

We, at PawPrince, makes it a point to treat our pet-pals like royalty. Their pet parents deserves nothing less.

Hence, let us treat you like kings and queens, your pet-babies like princes and princesses, and Enjoy FREE PREMIUM DOG ACCESSORIES when you join our ROYAL PROGRAM!

100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our top priority. We give all our customers EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE by responding to queries within 24 hours, taking comments and feedbacks seriously and giving you only TOP QUALITY DOG SUPPLIES. But being in our ROYAL PROGRAM is a notch higher, since you get access to FREE PRE-LAUNCH PRODUCTS! Yes! You read that right. Be among the first to get our PREMIUM DOG SUPPLIES absolutely FREE!

Here’s how to qualify:

  1. You need to own at least one dog.
  2. Purchased and positively reviewed one of our products on our online dog store in Amazon (we can put out amazon page link here)
  3. Be a dog enthusiast!

We are proud to say that we whole heartedly support people who are rescuers. We admire their love and compassion for dogs. Since we have limited slots for our Royal Program, we encourage these kind souls to join. Because we would like to reward their big hearts by giving them priority to be signed on our list!

Are you qualified to join our list? Can’t wait to join this elite group of Pet-Parent Royals? Please follow this link ROYAL PROGRAM SIGN UP and grab this great opportunity for you and your dogs!

We cannot wait to help you spoil your dogs and be their lifelong best friends!

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